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Best in Show- Geometry Towels

  • Form and function.

  • Good design and performance.

  • Beauty and usefulness.

However you define it, we all love a pet product that is both lovely to behold but also does its job perfectly. Surprisingly our favorite kitchen product pick this month, or 'best in show' is a lowly dish towel, but what a fantastic dish towel it is.

Geometry dishtowels offer a range of contemporary designs and colors inspired by the world around us. But it’s the ultra-absorbent, quick-drying patented fabric that delights us when put to the test. It’s great at washing and drying dishes, wiping up countertops, or soaking up spills. For those of us in love with the ‘feel’ of a fabric, Geometry is a solid win. The fabric feels wonderful in hand.

Also key, Geometry products make less of an impact on our planet through using post-consumer recycled materials. Geometry prioritizes our planet and its people over profits. Each tea towel uses roughly 3.5 recycled plastic bottles and saves 2.5 gallons of water compared to the manufacturing process used to make an equivalent towel from non-recycled material.

Voted Better Homes and Gardens Best Kitchen Towel of 2023, find Geometry dish towels, dishcloths, 'not paper towels' and napkins at Wild Goose, 935 Jenny Avenue SW, Perham.

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