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Introducing Elevate, a new grant-funded initiative dedicated to helping people live well in northeastern Otter Tail County through health-focused events and resources.

What’s the secret to living well? Elevate knows it’s staying physically active, engaged in your community, and knowledgeable about your health choices. Adults who take care of their physical, mental, and social health can be independent, stay in their homes longer, and, ultimately, save themselves money. Bottom line? Adults that ‘live well’ lengthen their health-span: the length of your life that is spent healthy and free from serious disease; a time that can be lengthened by everyday healthy choices.

Step 1: Staying physically active is just what the doctor ordered.

Staying physically active is just what the doctor ordered. Being active can help you manage conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Adults need a mix of physical activity to stay healthy, and every movement counts. From gardening to dancing, walking to pickleball, every movement has the potential to benefit an adults’ health-span. That’s why one of Elevate’s goals is to help curate and promote more activities for area adults to join. Want to start a morning walking club? Elevate wants to partner with you. Know someone talented in leading exercise or workouts? The PACC and Elevate would love them to teach a class (the PACC might even be able to help them get certified!)

Step 2: Adults need a happy social life.

Elevate also understands that to live well, adults need a happy social life. We don’t mean dating (although that could be part of it). We’re talking about connecting with your friends and neighbors, family and co-workers. Elevate realizes the challenge of being socially engaged, especially if someone has just moved to the area or their kids are grown. To help foster those connections, Elevate will be busy orchestrating area ‘social hours’ throughout northeastern Otter Tail County, and helping share all the opportunities already offered throughout the region. Follow them at or go to their website to link to a county-wide calendar of events that can be sorted by community, business, or interest area. The Elevate website also hosts a list of recurring events including bible studies, book clubs, and fitness classes.

Getting excited to live well and lengthen your health-span? Elevate will also be connecting adults to volunteer opportunities throughout the region and promoting area employers offering non-traditional work roles like limited hours, job sharing, or special event/gig work. Have your own special skill an area business might want to tap into? Let Elevate know, and they’ll spread the word. Email


February 2022 #2
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