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The Call - Halloween Edition

Why Don't We Use Clotheslines?


We had lots of windshield time recently as we headed east on a road trip toward Boston to help a family member. All those miles gave us plenty of space to ponder strange questions. Why don't we use clotheslines anymore? Why do some small towns thrive? Why are some poor? How come Amish farms in Pennsylvania seem more successful? And most importantly, which state has the best food... We drove past thousands of campaign signs and saw an October snow in West Virginia. We saw Amish refrigerators, (generator-powered) and Amish mixers (air-pressure-powered). We walked through a life-size ark, and we mourned on a Civil War battlefield. Everywhere we talked to people that made us feel welcome and right at home. This is a huge country and we've plenty of differences but we have so much that binds us, including our shared wish for an enduring united America. As Helen Keller wisely said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Maybe those clotheslines symbolize the answer for our country: simple solutions to shared problems. Let's work together-- agreeing to disagree-- because there is more than one way to dry a shirt.


The Full edition of the Call can be downloaded below

October #2 2022 (2)
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