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Our green thumbs are itching for spring, so we turned to Jodie and Julie, local owners at Jean’s the Right Plant Place to talk gardens, hear their plans, and the new offerings for 2022. Jean’s specializes in perennials for northern gardens and offers over 1400 varieties. Even though we’re longing for planting season, Julie and Jodie offered good advice, “For spring planting, we recommend waiting until at least mid-May due to the unpredictability of night temperatures. Established perennials can generally handle freezing temperatures, but new perennials and annuals are much more susceptible to freezing.”

How soon can we come browse the annuals and perennials? “The 'official' opening date for Jean's - The Right Plant Place is May 1st, after which we are open 7 days a week through the end of September! But we are happy to have people stop by anytime our open sign is out in April as we are getting ready for the season.”

What’s new for 2022? Jodie and Julie shared, “We'll be carrying nearly 150 new varieties of perennials this year. One new variety is Dalea purpurea (purple sweet clover). It gets about 2' tall and has purple flower spikes (pictured here). It's extremely drought tolerant and great for pollinators! “

J&J added, “Hosta Night will be back in 2022 (we had a two-year hiatus due to COVID)! We also hope to have a garden tour again in late July this year. Watch our website or Facebook page for details.”

Yearning for tulips? “The tulips that you planted last fall will be up before you know it! If you missed the bulbs then, we'll have some in pots. Just remember, once the flowers dry, you can cut them off, but leave the foliage of spring bulbs intact until they yellow - that feeds the bulb for next year.”

A Grand Afternoon...

Picture yourself wandering through beautiful flower beds, happily picking your favorites for a bouquet. That’s just one of the ways to enjoy Grandflower Farm, now in its second year near the northeast corner of Little Pine Lake, in Perham. Owner Jen Hanson offers ‘Flower farm-fresh happiness for friends to enjoy. Gather your besties for a Bloom Social.’

Jen recently shared her spring planting progress on Facebook, “Oh, the smell of new spring soil. Have you enjoyed a whiff of spring soil yet? We're just beginning planting. I've been tracking the soil and air temps inside our raised beds for two weeks. The ground temp is 41-47 and the air temp varies between 35-58 degrees. Pictured above is Lisianthus.”

Grandflower Farm starts its flowers from seeds or bulbs in their grown room show on the right. As flowers are transplanted outdoors or perennials sprout, Jen does cover the outdoor flower beds with frost cloths when temperatures dip too low.

Jen’s green thumb is busy, “Our Grow Room is greening up! These seedlings are just awaiting the day they get to enjoy some warm, sunny days. Ready to think about nicer days ahead?

Head to to see our new offerings for the upcoming season!”

Read the full issue of the call to find out more, and see the local calendar of events!

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