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Find Your Goose is about recognizing moments of happiness on your journey of life. It means contentment and peace of mind; recognizing the beauty of the world around us; and finding gratification in each moment. The places you go and the people you meet become your community- and here at Find Your Goose, community is our priority. 

Beginning in Perham, MN with Wild Goose our stores branched to include two additional locations in Perham (Goose Gang and Nest), and later expanded to New London, MN (Lucky Duck and Happy Sol). Most recently Disgruntled Brewing in Perham has joined the Find Your Goose group!

We are a "families"business! Family owned, and family operated, and family focused. We love that Goose Group is made up not only of our three owner families, but also of a family of staff (both literal and figurative) that make our work environment so great!

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