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We believe in giving back!

Our goal is to be a socially-minded business that contributes to our community. We live here with our families. We share the goals and passions of our towns. Because of your business, we are able to donate thousands of dollars to our community each year. We know that we can't do it without our customers, so thank you for shopping local!

Giving Hearts.jpeg

Giving Hearts Day for Empowering Kids & the Boys and Girls Club

We are so happy to support Giving Hearts Day! This wonderful event will take place at Nest from 6:00am-9:00am on February 10th, 2022. We highly recommend following the link below to find more information regarding this amazing day.

16 Years of Giving

We had the honor of being apart of the 16th year tradition of gift giving to the University of Minnesota Childrens Hospital.


This incredible family began this holiday tradition with Marcia Quale. Unfortunately Marcia recently passed. She was one of our frequent shoppers & always had positive feedback for us. Her family reached out to us & asked if we would join them in this tradition.


In honor of Marcia Quale we shut down the store for this awesome family & let them shop til they dropped!

Thank you for letting us be apart of this tradition. Shop local. . . Be kind.

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Go Green for Cory.jpeg

Go Green for Cory!

Cory & Heidi Solberg have taught and coached in our community for over 22 years.  Hundreds of our children have sat in their classrooms and heard their words of encouragement.  They have seen our children grow, our community prosper and, built lifelong friendships.

We are holding a benefit for the Solberg family Friday, November 19th, 2021.  

Please come out on Friday the 19th to any of our stores.  All tips, Nest coffee shop sales and Goose Gang popcorn sales will go to the family to support them now in their time of need.


Goose Gang Puzzle Drive

Donate your gently-used puzzles and receive 20% off a new puzzle! Donations will be given to the Perham Senior Center. Regularly doing puzzles improves memory, reasoning, and is just plain fun!

We have a good amount of donated puzzles…THANK YOU! But, we could use some more! Our puzzle drive is still going on until the end of November, 2021.

Popping by the New York Mills Cultural Center

Two of our favorite things- popcorn and puppets! Proud to donate a truckload of popcorn for the NYM Cultural Center Puppet Pageant this weekend!

NYM Cultural Center.jpeg
Dog Walk.jpeg

Walk for a Cause

Join Goose Gang and Tuffy's for the first Be Home dog walk event June 22nd starting at Krauss Park! The goal of the event is to raise money for local animal shelters and have adoptable dogs at the event. The walk will begin at Krauss Park in Perham, walk to Goose Gang and back to the park. The fee is $10 donation to the local shelters. Please join us! Let's make it the biggest dog walk event in history!

Date: June 22

Time: 4-6 pm

Location: Krauss Park in Perham:

Krauss Park is located between 8th & 6th ST SW and 4th & 5th Ave SW on the South West side of Perham.

Shop Local, Eat Local

If there is one thing Goose Group believes in, it's supporting our local community.

This has been a really tough year for everyone.   As COVID takes hold of our state and communities, we are once again seeing our local restaurants shut down and struggling to stay afloat. 


In the spirit of giving, we have purchased over $7000 in gift cards from our local restaurants to give to our customers starting December 1.  With any purchase of $60 or more, you can receive a $10 gift card to the restaurant of your choice. 


We have gift cards from:  Brew Ales & Eats, Lakes Cafe, Big Pine Lodge, Pizza Ranch, Zorbaz-Perham, 1894, Dairy Queen, Spanky's, Subway, Jin Hu, Papacitos Burritos, Lakeside Tap & Event Center, Mrs. B's, Teco Tacos (Main Street Express), The Cactus, Silvermoon Lounge & Steakhouse, & Gathering Grounds Perham.

Gift Card Event.jpeg
Giving Back- HCWs.jpeg

Weekly Give-Aways!

To thank different members of our community, we are giving away free drinks from Nest Coffee Shop each week. Keep an eye on Nest's facebook page to find out if you can have a coffee on us!

Caring for Courtney

We are so sorry to have to do this again so soon. In over 20 years of doing benefits, we have never had one of our own be in need. Until now... Courtney Frohling is a member of the Nest team and has been for 2 years. She is a hard worker. 

We are having a benefit Saturday, March 6, 2021 for Courtney. ALL Nest coffeeshop sales and tips + ALL Goose Gang popcorn sales and tips will go to the Frohling family. If you will be out of town the day of our benefit, we will be taking donations at Wild Goose all of this week and next!

#CaringForCourtney #SupportingOthers


March is bakeware month.
Do good, get rewarded!

Donate your pans and we'll help you replace them. Save 15% on USA-Pan Bakeware! Just bring in your well-loved pans and bakeware to Nest and we'll donate it to ReUseIt Center which benefits the Perham Boys & Girls Club.


USA Pan Bakeware is a Nest Top Pick! Professionally trusted,  heavy duty, and a lifetime warranty.


Offer lasts all of March, 2021. 

'Cause We Care

Mikaela is a local mother, friend, coworker, and classmate battling with chronic Lyme disease. We are holding a benefit for the Waldon family Friday, February 19th, 2021.  

Please come out on Friday the 19th to any of our stores.  All tips, Nest coffee shop sales and Goose Gang popcorn sales will go to the family to support them now in their time of need.

Cause We Care- Mikaela Waldon.jpeg
Jessy's Toy Box.jpeg

Jessy's Toy Box

Jessy’s Toy Box is full! Such a great cause - let’s do it again! 15% off your purchase to donate to Jessy’s Toy Box now thru the end of the month! @jessystoybox

Wade Salo Day

Because of outstanding community support, we were able to deliver a sizable donation to the Salo family last night. Wade Salo Day and all the days before . . . happen in OUR community--because all year long our local and extended community members continue to shop local. It was our pleasure to be a part of Wade Salo Day. Thank you to everyone that participated to make this day a memorable and overwhelming success.

Salo Day.jpeg

580 Masks!

That's how many face masks the amazing members of our community have already sewn and donated.


Believe it or not - we could still use a whole lot more of these masks. Most of our area healthcare workers and all of our nursing home residents are now wearing these masks every day – which means there are a lot of faces to cover.


Thank you all for your continued support!


#thankyou #herewithyou #bettertogether #wecandothis #covid19 #facemask #sewing

Tanya Sazama Day

Overwhelmed with emotion for this beautiful wife and mother.  So proud of our community for coming together and helping ease their struggle.  Thank you Perham and surrounding communities for your outstanding support.


Please come out on Friday, January 20th to any of our stores.  All tips, Nest coffee shop sales and Goose Gang popcorn sales will go to the family to support them now in their time of need.

Tanya Sazama.jpeg
Mike Parta.jpeg

Mike Parta Day

Share the love for Mike Parta! 100% of Goose Gang popcorn sales and 100% of coffee shop sales go to Mike Parta and family to help them through this trying time. We love our town, so please come out and show your support!

Birthday Gift for Ben

Holy cow!  We live in an awesome town!   Today's 'Birthday Gift for Ben' was a huge hit thanks to our area's incredible generosity!  (wow Cactus!)  We were humbled by the amazing tips so many folks left, and all the coffeeshop orders we got from seemingly everywhere!  United Community Bank, NYM schools, Prairie Wind staff & classes,  Kenny's, Barrel, Perham Health, and so many many more--Thank you all for doing a wonderful thing for a very well loved family.

Cheers! All of TODAY's coffee and popcorn sales at the Wild Goose and Goose Gang go towards Ben Holzer and his family. Treat yourself (and a friend) today!

Ben Holzer2.jpeg

Pulling for Paige

FRIDAY, February 10th,  we're Pulling for Paige. All coffeeshop sales & tips at The Wild Goose will be donated to Paige Johnson, 2nd grade daughter of Chasity and Rick Johnson, sister of Mylinda.

The Johnson's rollercoaster ride started last Monday when they learned that a 'pain in Paige's neck' was likely a type of muscle cancer.  Since then they've been through a myriad of tests including a PET scan, MRI, CT, spinal tap and more at Roger Maris Cancer Center.  Currently they are seeking more information from Minneapolis Children's Hospital.   At this point, Paige really needs our prayers, as tests indicate cancer symptoms but nothing is conclusive.    Please pray, but please also come buy a cup of coffee on Friday.  


ALL SALES & TIPS go to Paige and her parents as they struggle to cope emotionally and financially with this challenge.  Paige's mom, Chasity, works at The Wild Goose.

Coffee for Zach

We raised over $3000 today for the Gabbard family in coffeeshop sales and tips.  Thank you to all our wonderful customers for helping us help Zach!

Coffee for Zach today all day! Friday, Feb 4th at Wild Goose 100% of our coffeeshop sales and 100% of the days tips will go to the Gabbard family.  For those of you that don't know Zach, he collapsed two weeks ago while playing basketball for Perham High School.  He remains in critical condition. We've had literally hundreds of you stopping by and buying coffee for Zach. Thank you!  

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